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The number of hits made to (English) and (Korean) as of July 9, 2016 is 31 million 442 thousand (31,442,195) hits from all over the world, since August 2005. The Holy Spirit said, "As many people as sand at the beach accepted Jesus as their Lord, after they read the hundreds of testimonies at on or written by readers who were healed of their brain cancer, lung cancer, liver cancer, AIDS, drug addiction, mental sickness, and epilepsy while reading, Holy Spirit, Hover Over Me all over the world." The Holy Spirit said, "The first question you will be asked in heaven is: how many souls did you save during your life? Your treatment in heaven will be decided by how many souls you saved. Servants who saved innumerable souls will be treated like a king in heaven. "The servants who saved no one will be told, 'you wicked and lazy servant,' Matt 25: 30 Cast the unprofitable servant into the outer darkness. There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth." Refer: John 15:1–6, Holy Spirit said, "Even Christians who accepted Jesus as their Lord but do not bear fruit will be cut off by Almighty God. Branches cut off will be dry and angels gather them and throw them into ever burning fire. Are you prepared to reply the first question in heaven? How many souls did you save in your life? To save many souls for you and your family and children, the Holy Spirit asks you to donate money to build the World Holy Spirit Healing, Revival, Mission Center which will be done by the Holy Spirit through Rev. Do Shick Joe, who has been saving innumerable souls like sand at the beach with Holy Spirit Power. The Holy Spirit said, "All the number of souls saved with your donations will be posted in your book of life in heaven."


Testimony by Readers CDS

Testimony by Readers CDS

These CDS tell the Testimonies by Readers of the book, Holy Spirit, Hover Over Me. All of them read the book 3-8 times each. All listeners will be unlimitedly blessed by the Holy Spirit Power. Holy Spirit wants to perform miracles through you too.


Price: US$17,00/ 2 CDS. That is if you buy 2 CDS, CD No. 1 & CD No. 2 at one time.

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CD No. 1 covers testimonies by readers who were healed of colon cancer, lung cancer, leukemia, shoulder cancer, cervical cancer, HIV, AIDS, heart attack, syphilis, epilepsy, cancerous tumor on face, chronic sinus inflamation, Muslim's AIDS. Holy Spirit saved only him who read the book from truck accident where all 16 other people were killed. He paralized all armed robbers who tried to kill motor cycle driver who read the book several months. He saved him who read the book and called for Holy Spirit when 14 armed robbers tried to kill him. He let the barren woman to conceive baby.

CD No. 2 covers Testimonies by readers of Holy Spirit Hover Over Me. Holy Spirit raised dead girl to life. He healed brain cancer, lung cancer, breast cancer, demon possessed lady walking naked on the street, several demon possessed, Muslim's cancer, TB, drinking, smoking, He changed all 18 cruel criminals who killed many people to be born again Christians. He saved him who read Holy Spirit, Hover Over Me 8 times and called for Holy Spirit when armed robbers tried to kill him. He changed several cruel prisoners who killed many people to be born again Chrstians. He let barren lady to have baby.


While reading the book, Holy Spirit, Hover Me, innumerable AIDS, HIV, HIV patients and cancer, bone cancer, brain cancer, liver cancer, lung cancer, breast cancer, mouth cancer, skin cancer,  stomach cancer,  cervical cancer, leukemia, syphilis, flu, innumerable kinds of cancer patients all over the world were healed by the Holy Spirit Power and confirmed by medical doctors that AIDS, HIV virus died completely and they were healed. Cancers of many kinds were also healed and confrimed by doctors. Holy Spirit Gives unlimited blessing to those who support Holy Spirit Ministry. Drug addicts, alcohlistics, smoking are healed. Evil spirits causing depression to commit suicide and to murder others are chased away by Holy Spirit. Armed robbers and criminals who killed many come are changed to be born again Christinas.  Click <Testsimony by Readers> at left top of this page, contents page with many titles will open. Click any title,  many hundreds of  testimonies with photos of patients who were healed are stored, while reading the book, Holy Spirit, Hover Over Me. 


Freight Insurance. 
Insurance is applied only shipments for USA. Other countries not insured.

1. CD freight & Insurance  for 2 CDS  in USA by US First Class Mail by air  $5.00/package for 2 CDS.

2. CD Freight for 2 CDS for overseas  by US First Class Mail by Air  $8.00/package for 2 CDS. When you place order only for CDS for shipments for USA or Overseas  we have to charge freight and insurance. But when you order book and CDS at the same time, we do not charge freight & Insurance for  CDS. 

For more information, please visit Introduction. 

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